Doug Jones

Currently Doug is appearing as First Officer Commander Saru in Star Trek: Discovery. ┬áDoug can also be seen splashing across screens as The Amphibious Creature in Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy drama The Shape Of Water, which is now on DVD and won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Odin Abbott

Odin Abbott is a production designer and prop maker that worked with Smosh in 2015 and 2016. He was first mentioned working with Smosh in Time Traveling Pickup Master, where he created the time machine that had moving parts and lights.


Rock-out to the heavy-metal sound of Klingon band Stovokor.

Dan Foster

Michael King

Comic book writer Dan Foster teams with artist Michael King to create steampunk themed comics from the turn of the last century. They will be providing insights on how to write, draw, and publish a comic book.

Brian Darnell

Nerd Podcast Radio was made by three friends that decided to sit down and talk about the thing that we love most, being nerds. We decided to record it, seeing how we all moved to different cities and didn’t want to see our friendships fall to the wayside. In this podcast, we get together every other week, and talk about whatever nerdy topic that comes to us. Sometimes there are more of us, sometimes there are less of us but we’re always Nerd Podcast Radio.

Sam Brubaker

Sam is a Blender generalist currently stationed in Portland, Oregon. Sam’s deft at creating 2D and 3D motion graphics for advertising. He also produces creative packages for digital media: concept, script, design, soundtrack, animation, and even voice talent.

Iron Giant

Visit with the Iron Giant from the movie of the same name. Get a selfie with this two-story visitor from another part of the universe.

The AI Team

The AI team will explain how Artificial Intelligence is shaping our world. Learn the history of AI, the current state of AI, and the potential future AI.

Megan Zimmick

Do you need the perfect hair for your cosplay outfit. Megan will share tips and tricks to creating the ultimate hair for the perfect cosplay outfit.

Evelyna Castro

Evelyna is a Makeup Artist / Designer specializing in both Beauty and Special FX Makeups. Her talents have been featured in productions of Sweeney Todd, the Ravishing Women Show, and a variety of indie films.

David Jones

David is a master prop-maker. Many of designs have been seen at local festivals. David will present “Prop-making On A Budget” for kids of all ages.