What is the Robot Poker Run?

During the NanoCon International Film Festival, NIFF Week, visit the Robot Poker Run locations throughout Longview and Kelso to collect Robot Cards. Collect a winning poker-hand and a receive a prize*.

*Robot cards available while supplies last. See contest rules below.

Locations & Schedule

Friday 3/22

  • NIFF Gala (LCC Campus)
  • Monticello Pizzeria

Saturday 3/23

  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Roland Winery
  • [NIFF] LCC, Health & Science Bldg.

Sunday 3/24

  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Raw Juice Bar
  • [NIFF] Monticello Ballroom

Monday 3/25

  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Sizzler Steak & Lobster House
  • Skippers Seafood ‘n Chowder
  • [NIFF] Longview Public Library
  • [NIFF] Monticello Ballroom

Tuesday 3/26

  • Perfect Look
  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Subway (Wa. Way)
  • [NIFF] Longview Public Library

Wednesday 3/27

  • Izzy’s Pizza & Buffet
  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Tim’s Bar & Grill
  • [NIFF] Wollenberg Auditorium

Thursday 3/28

  • Blue Sky Bar & Grill
  • Junior’s Tacos
  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • Tim’s Bar & Grill
  • [NIFF] Columbia Theatre

Friday 3/29

  • Monticello Pizzeria
  • RedLeaf Coffee (All Locations)
  • [NIFF] Cosplay Gala, LCC

Robot Poker Run Rules

  1. Some prizes limited to players 21 years of age.
  2. Cards are distributed by employees at the participating Robot Poker Run locations. Contestants do not “draw” cards.
  3. One card per customer/vehicle, per visit.
  4. Contestants cannot purchase additional cards.
  5. Participants must turn in all cards and a completed poker score sheet verified by a Robot Poker Run Official at the NanoCon Mk. VI Convention on Saturday, March 30, 2019.
  6. Only one winning hand may be submitted by a contestant.
  7. Duplicate cards cannot be used to create a winning hand.
  8. NanoCon Mk. VI staff, volunteers, vendors, presenters, and employees of participating Robot Poker Run distribution locations are prohibited from participating as a contestant.
  9. Counterfeit cards will render all cards submitted by a presenter as null and void. Counterfeit cards are easily identifiable by viewing the watermark on the back of the card. See a NanoCon official before submitting cards for review.
  10. No purchase necessary.
  11. Hands are collected and prizes awarded every hour between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Players may choose when to submit a winning hand.
  12. Only one winning hand per hour – with the exception of a NanoFlush.
  13. A NanoFlush is an automatic win and may be presented at any time during the convention.
  14. Winners will be notified immediately and can collect prizes during the convention.
  15. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.

Awesome “Bot” Prizes

Prizes award March 30, 2019 at the NanoCon Mk. VI Convention.

$100 Gift Basket – Red Leaf Organic Coffee

$25 Gift Certificate – Skippers

$40 Gift Certificate – Eve’s Garden

$60 Wine Tasting – Roland Winery

Pizza Feed – Monticello Pizzeria

$25 Gift Certificate – Junior’s Tacos

One Night Stay – Guest House Inn & Suites

$100 Gift Certificate – U Salon

$15 Official NanoCon Mk. VI t-shirt

$100 Platinum Pass – NanoCon Mk. VII

$50 Gold Pass – NanoCon Mk. VII

$25 Silver Pass – NanoCon Mk. VII

$10 Bronze Pass – NanoCon Mk. VII

Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash. Some prizes are not available for people under 21 years of age.

Keep watching for more prizes…