StarWars or StarTrek

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Mark your calendars for the great debate on December 15, 2015 at the Longview Public Library for the answer to the question, “Which is superior, Star Wars or Star Trek?”

   – The debate begins at 6:00PM

   – Phasers and pulse-guns must be left at the door.

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  1. Dennis

    Perhaps “Star Wars AND Star Trek” make the same mistake would be a good topic. Both have violated two key points: suspension of disbelief and internal consistency. Star Trek started having issues with “Enterprise” changing “known” facts in that universe. Which got worse in the reboot movies. And the new TV series is getting as much, or more, hate mail compared to support … all due to changes in continuity.

    Star Wars has started down this road by copying what the higher ups behind Trek did: take all the “official” books and stories and tossing them, and making movies which have fans who hate it instead of supporting it.

    While some may say “I like the new ones” so it is all good, imagine if they make a new movie or TV series in five years and ignore the current ones you like. Given shared stories such as the Man-Kinz from Known Space, we know it is possible to have many authors over many years contribute while keeping internal consistency and history. Nothing snaps you out of a story faster than a glaring contradiction to previous works.

    Food for thought.

  2. Dennis

    The key in writing is to have internal consistency so your readers can build a framework or image of your “world” in their minds. So if you write a science fiction story, your world has to stay true to itself. Make the rules for your world and stay true to them and you lay the foundation for your world, and readers will be able to understand and enjoy them.

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